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      DUI Checkpoints in Fresno County

      21/05/12 2:49 PM

      At any given point during the week, it is not uncommon to find police officials setting up a roadblock or a DUI sobriety checking in Fresno. Orange cones are placed, turning a multiple lane street into a one way road, forcing motorists to inch towards the officers one by one. Drivers are then asked a series of questions, have their eyes looked at and even may have their cars sniffed by the questioning officer in the search of a drunk driver. If you happen to exude any signs of potential impairment, you are then asked to step out of the vehicle and perform several DUI field sobriety tests and may be arrested if the officer thinks you are failing.

      DUI sobriety checkpoints are great, in theory. In reality, they violate the Fourth Amendment, are ineffective and are typically used to cash in on unlicensed drivers. Several states have already began to ban sobriety checkpoints such as Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Rhode Island, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Oregon and Minnesota with Texas and Alaska prohibiting them for other legal reasons.

      If you are arrested during a DUI checkpoint, it is imperative that you contact a driving under the influence attorney to make sure that the arrest was done so lawfully and within the specific guidelines. Call us today at 559-233-3724 or fill out our FREE Fresno DUI Case Evaluation to have our dedicated Fresno DUI lawyers contact you directly!

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