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      Coalinga Court

      The Coalinga Court is located southwest of the Fresno area and is houses all criminal misdemeanors and felonies (through preliminary hearing) that occur within the city and outlying areas of Coalinga. This includes all Coalinga misdemeanor and felony DUIs. If you have been arrested for a misdemeanor or felony Coalinga DUI, it is important to contact a qualified Coalinga DUI Defense Attorney who is local to the area and works primarily with Coalinga DUIs.


      A competent Coalinga DUI lawyer, in most cases, can represent you at all court appearances. While all Coalinga DUI cases cannot be dismissed, many can be reduced and a skilled Coalinga DUI attorney can seek alternatives to mandatory jail time. A DUI often times carries with it a jail term, but with the help of a Coalinga DUI attorney you may be able to do electronic monitoring, house arrest, community service or the requirement may be dismissed completely. Other terms of probation will likely include a fine, attendance of an alcohol program and license suspension.

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      A Coalinga DUI criminal case begins when you are issued a citation following the arrest. This citation will list the court location and arraignment date to appear. You or your attorney must appear on the date listed on the citation for your Coalinga DUI. Failure to appear can result in a warrant for your arrest. After an arrest for a Coalinga DUI, the arresting agency will send a recommendation to the District Attorney to file a criminal case. Once the case is filed, if it is after the initial arraignment appearance, you will be notified by mail of the next court date. If it is filed by the arraignment date listed on your citation, then you or your Coalinga DUI Defense Attorney will enter a plea at the arraignment or continue the matter to a later date. It is important to consult a Coalinga DUI Lawyer whether it is a misdemeanor or felony.

      In addition to mandatory court appearances, a Coalinga DUI case will also require a DMV hearing to save your license. California law mandates an automatic 4 month suspension on all first offense DUI arrests. This license suspension is completely independent of the court case. In order to save your license you must contact the local driver’s safety branch to request a hearing to review the facts of your arrest. A qualified Coalinga DUI attorney can present evidence on your behalf and introduce witnesses and experts at this hearing to try to stop the automatic suspension of your license.

      Coalinga Courthouse
      The Coalinga Courthouse hears all misdemeanor cases and felony cases up through preliminary hearing. This will include all misdemeanor and felony DUI offenses in the Coalinga area. It is important to check the main calendar in the Coalinga Courthouse to determine which department your case is being heard in. If you have any questions or concerns after arriving at the courthouse you can locate the criminal clerk.

      The court is located at 160 W. Elm Street, Coalinga, CA 93210. You can reach the court at (559) 935-2017. Currently, the court is open Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.

      A misdemeanor case, including a Coalinga DUI, is punishable by up to a year in county jail. Misdemeanors could also include hefty fines, deterrence programs, and jail alternatives such as community service or electronic monitoring.

      Felonies are very serious and can result in state prison sentencing and even death. If you are charged with a felony in the Coalinga Courthouse you must be present at all court appearances and it is strongly advisable to consult an attorney immediately after being arrested for a felony.

      Our team of competent Coalinga DUI defense attorneys can represent you at all court appearances and in the case of misdemeanors, do so without your presence being necessary. We work locally out of the Coalinga area and have dealt significantly with the Coalinga Courthouse.

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